Breastfeeding – Increasing milk production

All mothers would want to provide their child. Unfortunately, I did not have sufficient milk supply for my son. I was dejected initially but was determined to provide as much as I can. I recently came across some reads where there is a notion that using supplements to support you in breastfeeding is ‘milk not good for your baby’ or ‘not true breastfeeding’. Honestly, this is bullshit. It is perfectly ok and there are supplements which helps improve your milk production without any serious side effects to you or your baby. Below are some supplements I have tried and my experience with them.

Lactation cookies

I first started with lactation cookies as it was part of the baby gift from Thomson medical. There was a redemption voucher for a small pack of cookies. After which, I further went and purchase more lactation cookies in bid to increase my milk supply for my son.

However, I do not think it works for me. I do not see noticeable increase after 3 weeks or perhaps it will take longer/ more consumption before it’s visible. Moreover, I am not a person who likes sweet stuff so such cookies, on a daily basis, are honestly a bit of a challenge for me.


Next I looked at and started myself on fenugreek, based on hearsay that it increases milk supply. Soon after, I was speaking with my sister-in-law and she mentioned that fenugreek actually makes your breast milk thinner (as in more watery). I did further research online and there are suggestions that fenugreek is passed into your breast milk and some mummies have reported that it makes their babies more gassy and fussy. My son is colicky to begin with, so this is definitely a no-go for me. Furthermore, it could affect a woman’s thyroid health, thus I stopped taking immediately.

Legendairy Milk

Most mummies on low milk supply would have definitely heard of Legendairy milk. If you have not, read on!

I was recommended to try by my friend. First thing first, it is fenugreek free and uses organic ingredients. Wow! That prompted me to go ahead and try. They have different products so it is really difficult to figure out what you need exactly. To make things simpler, I got the Bestseller Bundle, which includes Pump Princess, Milkapalooza and Liquid Gold (very fancy names!)

Legendairy Best Lactation Support Bundle – may be a good starting point if you are clueless which product to use. It is pretty overwhelming as there are many product types

I started with Pump Princess, which contains black Seed, organic fennel (seed), organic dill (seed). After taking for 3-4 days, I started having diarrhoea which did not improve after one week. I did not see improvement as well so I dropped Pump Princess and started on Liquid Gold, which contains a blend of goat’s rue, milk thistle, fennel, shatavari, alfafa and anise. After taking for 2 weeks, I still did not see improvement. Imagine my disappointment.

My personal recommendation – Milkapalooza and Lechita

I turned to my last hope of the 3 – Milkapalooza which contains nettle leaf, fennel seed, shatavari root and morninga. About 1 week later, I realized my production increased from 60 to 80/90ml per session. Finally! Thus, I continue taking Milkapalooza in my next round of purchase. Determined to push the limit further, I also bought Lechita, which is meant for lazy boobs. Lechita contains a blend of fennel, anise, goat’s rue, caraway and vervain. After 1.5-2weeks taking both (Milkapalooza and Lechita), my supply got boosted to 110-130ml per pump session. Thats almost a double from my original supply level!

Although overall it is still not sufficient for my son and he still needs to be on mix-feeding, I’m happy that he can have more breast milk which will help his immunity. Importantly, I also thoroughly enjoy the bonding time I share with him during latching.

I couldn’t really tell which is working better for me (Milkapalooza or Lechita), or it is a combination of both. I would recommend mummies who are looking to increase your milk production to give it a try. However, do note that it is not intended to be used during pregnancy as indicated in the direction on the bottles.

Non-supplement – Hot Compress/bath

Apart from the supplements I tried/took above, I would be taking a hot bath or apply hot compress to my breasts just before each pump session. It is supposed to increase circulation and thus smoother and potential more milk flow. I cant put a guess on how much this contributes to my success but it is easy to do and feels good too!

What supplements or methods do you use to increase your milk supply? Do share your experience. With breastfeeding, you might have to put up with dry, cracked, sore or bleeding nipples. You can see my review of the popular nipple creams in the market.

Note: This is my personal experience with the product and not a sponsored article for Legendairy Milk products.

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