Choosing your gynaecologist

Congrats on getting pregnant! Your gynae will accompany you throughout your pregnancy journey (unless you go the govt route), thus it is really important to get a gynae whom you are comfortable with. This includes mannerism, expertise, personality, cost of fee. After all, this is the doctor who is going to get to know you intimately, perhaps even more than you yourself. Below are some considerations when choosing your gynae.

Male or Female

This was the first question that comes to my mind, which I’m sure many mummies would concur. For me, I was looking for female doctors as I’m really uncomfortable with a male so up close with my body. Thus, the research went on through reading forums and googling for good reviews of female gynae. I did not really get recommendations from friends/relatives as my husband and I decided to be more ‘pantang’ and did not let anyone know of my pregnancy until after 12 weeks. For those who wonder, its a Chinese belief that it is advisable not to share news about your pregnancy until after 12 weeks. This is to prevent miscarriage or some say that your baby will become petty.

So I proceeded with a female gynae based on reviews on forum. Bad mistake. I thought being female, they will be more understanding of how we feel. Nope, it didn’t happened for both physically and mentally. She was rough and I felt being manhandled. Being a first time mummy, I was anxious and had a lot of questions. Instead of reassuring me, she told me that its too early to tell (it was 7-8weeks then), and anything could happen, so don’t get my hopes up yet. Seriously!? WTF. Stupidly, I still went for a followup session. After that, we decided that enough is enough and we wanted to change the gynae. It was then my husband suggested why not consider male gynaes as based on his research, there were far more great reviews of a number of male gynae. After much coaxing, we decided to make an appointment with a male gynae and we stayed throughout till he delivered my boy.

Conclusion: I understand the discomfort in engaging a male gynae but based on personal experience (and what we read), they are surprisingly more gentle and are more reassuring. I am sure there are good female gynaes out there, but I just want to say – don’t immediately shut off the option of a male gynae.


This is a very important consideration in my opinion and it differs for individual. Some of us would prefer a gynae who keeps it short and sweet, gives quick updates and sends you to the door in the next minute; while some would prefer that they are provided with more details, allow more time for questions. My gynae, Dr. Benjamin Tham from Thomson medical, keeps the sessions focused but he is very open to any questions you have and would patiently answer or reassure you. He does nag quite a bit on your diet though, if your little one is growing a tat too big in size.

Hospital where you will be delivering

It is important to note that if you wish to deliver in a particular hospital, you need to check where the gynae will/can be delivering. Based on experience, they will deliver only at 1 or maximum 2 hospitals. Thus, the question comes – do you follow the gynae or choose your gynae based on those who will deliver at your chosen hospital? For me personally, the former is more important.

Cost/ fee

This would be an important factor to consider as well. Not too sure but I assume the price should not be differing too much, at least for most gynae. Also, if you go the private route, there will usually be a package which you can take up.

What other considerations or factors do you have when selecting your gynae? Share your experience with your gynae too!

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