D-Day 101 – Getting ready for your delivery

Mummies (especially first time mummies!), while you are excited and can’t wait for the arrival of your little one, do get well prepared for your delivery and admittance to hospital. Below is a packing list for you. Pack this in advance, it pays to be a bit more kiasu!

Packing list

  1. Socks and slippers (recommend that you choose a footwear that allow easy slip-ons). Some hospitals do provide slippers – the hotel kind
  2. Compression stockings
  3. Breast pump – hospitals will usually provide rental of pumps but its at a hefty price. Thus, get prepared first and buy much earlier on!
  4. Breast feeding bra and breast pads
  5. Nipple cream, very important especially the initial weeks of breastfeeding, where you might experience swollen, dry and painful nipple. See my review on some of the popular brands of nipple creams
  6. Changing clothes for the day where you can go home with your baby! I would recommend getting something that allows easy access to breastfeeding (in case you need to bf on your home)
  7. Phone charger – there may be some waiting time from your admittance till delivery, so getting your phone charged is a good idea
  8. ROM Certificate – Important! This is a must if you intend to make your baby’s birth cert in the hospital. I remember there is an option to do this later at ICA, which is cheaper, but it is much easier to do it on the spot. Daddy has to go back home just to get this, so remember!
  9. Toiletries – I believe most hospitals should provide this, if you are delivering in TMC (which I did), they do provide.
  10. Fresh change of underwear
  11. For baby: swaddle, clothes, mittens, beanie – this can be optional but I dressed him up nicely 🙂
  12. For hubby: Change of clothes, if he is accompanying you overnight at the hospital. Would recommend reminding him to bring along a jacket as it can get quite cold in the nights
  13. Important phone numbers/contacts that you need to make!
    • Get daddy to inform your nanny agency
    • If you are getting confinement soup/bath package from i.e. Lao ban niang, inform that so that they will deliver the package to you
    • If you are storing baby’s cordblood/stemcells, do remember to inform them as well

So, pack all this into one big luggage way beforehand for your “staycation”. If you have a car, just leave it in the car boot 2-3weeks before your EDD, so that you and your hubby won’t get panicky and forget anything.

Till then, stay calm and await the arrival of your precious one.

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