Freebies for Mummies and Babies 2020

Times are bad, and dampened economy is here to stay for a while. Yet, expenses for babies product are high and still continues, so let’s save whatever and whenever we can! Thus I am consolidating all the freebies available for mummies (especially to-be mummies) in 2020.

NTUC Good Start Bundle

You can collect a FairMily Kit which includes grocery essentials for the baby and family, a FairPrice gift card, and an exclusive FairPrice Online deal. Also, you will get a complimentary NTUC link card if you are not already a member. https://ntucgoodstart.sg/


You can receive samples for newborn diapers and baby wipes here

Mum’s club

You will receive a baby box containing baby essentials such as diaper samples, bib, mittens and more. However, if I remember correctly, it is in collaboration with an insurance agency so an agent may speak to you regarding your interest mother/child insurance. I would like to highlight that I am by no means affiliated or in any form of collaboration with them.

Free Infant Formula Milk powder

Most of the major brands in the market offers free sample for your baby. For example, Aptamil actually gives a full tin of 900g milk powder. You will receive a voucher to redeem the free 900g tin at NTUC FairPrice and an Apta Advantage membership card.Some other brands like Nan Optipro would give sachets instead.

In any case, do note that all milk samples will be for 1yo (stage 3) and above, as it is strongly encourage that babies breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months.

Below are the brands of milk powder where you can redeem a sample:

Free diapers sample

Similarly, most leading brands provide samples of their diapers as well. The samples are usually 2-3 pieces but hey that is still money saved when one diaper is approximately 30+cents.

Baby Bath/Skincare

You can also redeem baby bath/skincare samples. For example, Cetaphil’s samples are actually travel size, so it makes it easy for bringing out. In fact to top it off, while registering, Cetaphil also provides sample for adult like yourself too!

  • Cetaphil
  • Suubalm – This is a popular brand targeting at eczema itch and dryness. Have not personally redeem and try it
  • Aveeno – If you have seen my instagram post, you would know that I’m an Aveeno fan!

What other freebies out there are you aware of? Please share with our mummies!

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