Posting Guidelines

Our objective is to provide mummies a platform with truthful and unbiased product reviews so that informed decisions can be made. As such, we will take strong actions against fake reviews and spams/ improper advertisements.

Basic Dos and Don’ts

Fake positive reviews

If it becomes evident to Mummys’Review that a business has been creating accounts and/or posting fake reviews for their listing(s), we reserve the right to take any or all of the following actions:

We have a number of tools and procedures to identify fake submissions and reserve the right to impose these penalties on any business trying to manipulate our rating system.

Overly positive marketing-style reviews

We strive to provide honest reviews that are from actual users/buyers. Do not post reviews with overly positive or “marketing” writing styles. Our content team has the final say on what is considered to be marketing reviews

Personal attacks, intolerance and vilification

Do not post personal attacks, threats or insults directed at other people. There is also no need to respond to personal attacks in a similar manner as your account may be removed too. You may report any abusive posts via contact us

Refrain from posting content that contains intolerance or vilification of other people’s race, culture, beliefs, physical or mental conditions, gender, religion, age, etc.

Advertising and external links

Do not post advertisement and spams in your reviews, comments, etc. This includes viral advertising, links, promotions, etc. You are not allowed to post external links that are irrelevant or lead to unsafe/offensive websites. Such posts will be removed and accounts will be banned accordingly.

If you would like to provide review for a product that is not yet available in our website or advertise your product (for business), contact our team accordingly

Providing samples for consumer reviews

For businesses who would like to provide product samples for our users to gather feedback and reviews, you may contact us via support@mummysreview.com. Our team will be in touch with you on the details